The things we learn - Part 1


As a person with a passion for essential oils and all of their benefits, I come across some push back. I suppose that this is normal for several reasons. 1. People want to know the why's of something. 2. There will always be those that are negative towards everything. These are not exclusive to others, you will come across these types of people and they will want to push your buttons. So, research is a good way to not only help yourself develop, but to help your conviction is why they are better resulting in helping your cause; sharing your passion with those not yet involved.

I have read and re-read many articles, some published by universities, some by government agencies, and those written by just "regular people". What seems to be a common theme is what we are putting in and around our bodies is scary! This is where my conviction of working towards a greener lifestyle gets stronger, for myself, my kids, and my pups.

The average household contains approximately 62 toxic chemicals in our everyday products. This is from the pans we use, the makeup we put on each day, to the cleaners we use to make our homes "safer" and free from germs of all sorts. We use cleaners because we want to stay healthy, but is having 62 toxic chemicals in our homes really better?

Did you know that when you burn those pretty candles that smell SO delicious, if they are made with paraffin wax, when burned they produce two chemicals; benzene and toluene. Benzene is a cancer-causing chemical and toluene is known to affect the central nervous system. YIKES! I will tell you that my candle usage was out of control I loved them so much. I always had a honeydew this or that going. Peach was another scented candle that I adored. Giving those up were difficult and that was before I even knew about the chemicals that they produce. 

I have been a hard-core Young Living user for about four years now. In all honesty, candles were the hardest to purge from my house. You think that you are making your home smell good, helping to make it presentable to others, inviting even. But when you learn about the products that you are using, it's frightening.

To take it one step further think about it like this... the soot that is given off drifts onto the floors, the countertops, all the surfaces that are exposed and even those like dishes and silverware. When cabinets and drawers are open, they are open to the air, which now has this soot floating around. Then, think about landing on you, your children (if you have them), and your pets. Skin is the biggest organ and now you are not only breathing in this soot, but it is landing on your skin. The toxins are absorbed into your body, the body of your children, and that of your pets. Kids put their fingers into their mouths. Pets lick themselves and if they are anything like mine, it is a constant thing, but that is for another post. 

There are ways to remove those toxins that are a result from burning, included in the scents themselves or the wick. Did you know that some wicks out there actually contain lead? What? That is horrible. Don't forget about the smell of the candle. Did you know that the word "fragrance" can contain up to 300 man-made chemicals. As it is often a proprietary blend and considered a company trade secret, it is not mandated to include the chemicals that are included in that simple word "fragrance". A common toxin in these scented products is phthalate. This can be linked to many health issues including those that affect children such as ADHD and other behavioral issues. 

How do you let go of these precious candles? There are alternatives. First you can purchase candles that are made with Soy or Beeswax. An even easier option, which actually might save some money, is buying and diffusing essential oils. Young Living essential oils contain nothing other than the essential oil. You can make your own scents too. Try making a blend for Fall = 6 drops of Orange, 1 drop of both Patchouli and ginger. There are so many options that you will always find something new to smell and enjoy.

When you break it down into tangible terms of what it is, where it goes, and what you can do about it, things make a bit more sense. The ways to make this change are available and may take some commitment in the beginning, but you will be happy that you did. If you would like help in taking that first step, let us know! We are here to help, teach, and share our knowledge! 

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