Our Rescue Furry Family's Beginning

My kids somehow always convince me to go look at the furry animals that are up for adoption. I half willingly and unwillingly go as I know that it just ends in heartbreak because it never fails that we find that one perfect feline or canine. My daughter enjoys looking at and dreaming of getting a rat, I on the other hand shy away from them. The thought of getting bit just makes me nervous.

A couple of days earlier my oldest son requested to get this cat. Now he is almost 23 years old and in the last 15 years has not asked for a pet. To hear him ask for this particular cat, that he felt connected to, I was so conflicted. With the family changes though, I told him that if he could find a temporary home for him, for a few days to a week, he could bring him home. This made him extremely happy and we asked my best friend to keep him. She agreed and this is the beginning of Higgins' story. 

Higgins came home the same day as Ivory... The three youngest kids and I needed to get out of the house so we decided to go to adoption day that we saw advertised a couple weeks earlier. There really was no intention of adding another family member, especially since Higgins was going to join our family soon. But like most people when they look at all of the little faces, you cannot resist. Honestly, I originally was looking at another cat. There was this tortoise colored female that was just so sweet and playful, she got my vote.

Then we made our way back to the dogs. There were all sorts, big and small, puppies and adults. You could see on their faces that they all wanted to be picked. The longing for a forever home glinting in their eyes. It pulls at the heart strings and you wish you could adopt all the animals and love them all. In real-life though, this just isn't plausible.

Sitting on a little bed were a set of sisters, one black and one white. Just adorable. The white little girl, Ivory, sat by herself as the black puppy, Onyx, came over to us to get a pet and some rubs. Onyx had a sign that she may be going home with a family. Feeling horrible that one of these two would be left without the other, I agreed to come back the next day. If Ivory was still there, then it was meant to be and we could get her. 

I told my oldest daughter about the tortoise cat and she was intrigued. Having shared a couple of pictures with her, she wanted to come with us the following day to check her out. We all headed back, me almost certain that both would be gone, to see if everyone was still there. With a heavy heart, Onyx did not get adopted and Ivory was still there. I am true to my word and we began the process of adopting Ivory. I was so very sad for Onyx, but I could not adopt both. She cried and we cried too. We must have looked pathetic. The adoption person assured us that it wouldn't be long before she would also get adopted, but that did not alleviate my heavy heart. 

But on a brighter note, my daughter adopted Cutie the Cat and we got Gatsby a best friend. Upon signing the papers for Ivory, I put some Valor onto my hands and stroked her. She was nervous and I don't blame her. Leaving her sister, going into a car, out into the big world, that is all very scary. I do not know her previous life history except that even at 4-ish months, she has lived in a shelter her whole life.

Now we are a happy house of activity. I continue to use our essential oils around her. She is definitely a bit more of a crier than Gatsby was, but some Peace & Calming in her bedding is a good start. A little lavender and wherever we are diffusing is what she has been exposed to from day one at home. Even Higgins, as a feline, has been exposed to Young Living essential oils from day one in our family. My son diffuses often. He is responsible with the oils around the cat because I have told him the importance of it. The door is left open, Higgins has the option to leave or stay in the room. 

Safety is what is important when it comes to family, two or four legged. The journey for our furry family is just beginning, but we will do it together, safely and knowledgeably. As I feel it's important to maintain your health, it is just as important for your pets too. Think of where they live, spend all of their time, all of the things that they come into contact with. How many icky butts they sniff and pee spots that they find to smell, they could use a dose of less synthetic chemicals in their lives. Think about it... we all want the best for our family members, two and four legged loved ones.




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