Valentine's Day Promotions


...Love is in the air season is HERE!! 

Gentleman's Set

Whls $148.25 / Retail $195.07


Gentleman's Set

  • Goldenrod essential oil*—Add this bundle-exclusive to V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex to create a special Valentine’s Day massage oil.
  • Mister™ essential oil blend—Tell your guy to diffuse this uplifting blend as he gets ready for date night.
  • Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil—Cast relaxing vibes with this fresh, grounding fragrance packed with alpha-pinene and limonene.
  • Shutran® essential oil blend—Apply a few drops of this empowering blend as a personal fragrance that boosts confidence.

*Goldenrod is available only in the Gentleman’s bundle—so snag this special gift today!


Rose Essential Oil - 5mL

Whls $162.35/ Retail $213.62


Rose Essential Oil


Rose essential oil—the product of one of the most recognizable and culturally significant flowers in the world—has a rich, intoxicating aroma that’s just as beautiful as the bloom itself. Rose oil is distilled to gently release the delicate flower’s oil through steam. Because each 5 ml bottle requires 22 pounds of rose petals, Rose is one of the most valuable essential oils you can acquire.

Rose oil uses include topical application to create an inspiring atmosphere and elevated spiritual experiences. Its sweet, rich aroma encourages feelings of positive self-reflection and can create an uplifted feeling when inhaled. Rose has also been used topically for thousands of years, and today it can be found in many skin care products, including Young Living’s Rose Ointment™.



Sensations Set

Whls $100.00 / Retail $131.58


Sensations Set

  • Sensation™ essential oil blend—Diffuse this tantalizing combination of Ylang Ylang, Coriander, Jasmine, and other essential oils to spark feelings of love and affection.
  • Sensation™ Massage Oil—Unwind with your honey by sharing a massage. This light, moisturizing massage oil features the seductive fragrance of Young Living’s Sensation blend.
  • Sensation™ Bath & Shower Gel—Shower yourself in confidence. You’ll love this luxurious lather boosted by the enticing fragrance of Sensation essential oil blend.
  • Sensation™ Hand & Body Lotion—Pamper yourself like the queen you are. Apply this hydrating moisturizer before a night out.