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With years of experience, both professionally and personally, there is a solid foundation of support. With the influx of essential oil companies, having a source you can trust is pivotal for safely utilizing oils with not only people but the pets we take care of too. 


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It's easy to get started as a wholesale member!


To Join Young Living,  simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Enrollment Page by clicking here.

Step 2: Check off “Wholesale Member” - not "Retail Customer."  When you are a Wholesale Member you can order the starter kit and get a 24% discount on all future orders.  There is no monthly minimum and no commitment to sell anything. Think of it like a Costco Membership for all your oils and synthetic-free  products! You will only have to place a $50 order once per year to keep your membership active. THAT’S IT! Unlike the big chain "wholesale" stores, you get product for your $50 and not just a plastic card with a picture on it. 

Step 3: Please be sure that my member numbers are in the blanks.  (They should be entered in there for you if you used the link in step 1.) My member number: #403255 This will enable me to help you every step of the way and will give you complete access to a multitude of exclusive resources.

Step 4: Follow the form to fill in all applicable personal information. There are TWO options when signing up as a member 

Option 1: It does ask for your social security number and you should know that it is a legal requirement by the Federal Trade Commission in the event you earn a paycheck over the next year more then $600 (Young Living is a referral based business). If you never enroll anyone else, your SS # will never be used. There is NEVER any pressure to work the business end of Young Living…EVER. We want you to use and love your oils and we love you as a member whether you work the business end or not.  By the way, working the business end of Young Living provides you with many tax-deductable expenses and potentially significant income.  Talk to your active upline if you are interested in learning more about the compensation plan and the benefits of sharing Young Living with others.

Option 2: New members can now enroll and get our amazing products at the wholesale price without submitting their SSN or Tax ID number. This change will not affect any commissions, bonuses, or incentives at the time of enrollment and will allow our new members to build their businesses from day one.In compliance with U.S. tax laws, all members who have not submitted a valid SSN or Tax ID number will be subject to added withholdings. Our Finance and Tax department is also required to fill out and send a W-2 to members earning commissions at the close of every year. Once members earn commissions of $600 or make $5,000 or more in annual purchases, they will be subject to a 28 percent tax withholding until they submit their SSN or Tax ID number. This withholding will be deducted automatically from a member’s commissions but will not interrupt or modify a member’s compensation. 

Step 5: Make sure you write down your pin, username, and password when you choose it because you’ll need that in the future to log into your account. 

Step 6: Select the “PREMIUM STARTER KIT” with a Desert Mist, Dewdrop,  Lantern, or Aria Diffuser.  These give you a fabulous opportunity to try out 12 different essential oils PLUS diffuser.  A popular option is the super-simple to use "Desert Mist" diffuser for $165. This package has a retail value of $435.00

Step 7: Scroll down through the “Essential Rewards Kits” and click Yes - add your extra products at this time for instant savings or use your kit as your very first Essential Reward order! WOW!  It does have some great benefits; such as members only promo options, savings on shipping costs, ability to earn points towards free products, and free gifts at qualifying months. Monthly shipment can be changed up to day of processing to best suit your needs for the month. It is a great program with even better incentives! You also then have the option to sign-up for YL GO or YL GO+ which is an excellent way to save on shipping costs with multiple options. 

Step 8: Click “I Agree” and “Next”

Step 9: Confirm your enrollment information.  (You should see my name as your enroller and sponsor: Inc Making Waves.)

Step 10: Add any oils, capsules, NingXia Red, or other products that you would like in addition to your kit if there are any that you would like. 

Step 11: Complete checkout and wait for your oils to arrive!!!  Congratulations on taking this great step toward a healthier YOU and welcome to the Team!

Click here to get started. I am so excited to help you!