Using essential oils to create a habit

With New Year's Eve right around the corner, I felt that this topic was apropos. Habits, good or bad, form over time but how much time is that exactly? You may hear 21-28 days, but in fact each person is unique and that it may take much longer for some while others pick up habits in a matter of a couple/few weeks. The formation of a bad habit and subsequently trying to override that bad with a good one can take even longer. 

Often times we make resolutions to change and/or improve as part of a new year. We all know that the running joke with this is that it doesn't stick very long, so why bother?! But why doesn't it work? We can be most critical of ourselves and our shortcomings. If we don't follow this preconceived ideal of doing this resolution Every. Single. Day, we criticize ourselves and end up giving up because it's easier to do that than stick with something. When we understand that it is unrealistic to think that a change happens over night or in a very short time frame, it may make the transition into the formation of a better habit more attainable. 

What is the habit that you wish to form? This can also play a factor in how long it will actually take you to make it an automatic response in your day. It may be easier to learn to drink a glass of water everyday with lunch than it would to be up at dawn to run a mile. Also, the way in which you define "habit" can also have an impact. Merriam-Webster defines it as "an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary... a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior ". 

When we are at conferences, we discuss forming "habits" with the pets when it comes to oils. Often times it is relative to a Pavlovian ideal in that if you introduce an essential oil while the pet is stressed in some form, it has the capability to have the opposite affect than you wish for it to have. For instance, Lavender is often associated with a calming effect. If always introduced while the pet is stressing, it has the increased potential to experience stress when it encounters that scent. When you have lavender during positive moments during a day, when they need that extra help to balance out their emotions, it will be useful to use. The more frequent the oils are used, the faster the pet becomes acclimated to smelling them. People can have similar experiences. 

Habits have the capacity to form in the manner of positive or negative reenforcement as well as repetative behavior. Think about approaching a new habit while in a balanced emotional/mental state. Your view may decrease in "chore-like" or "must" attitude and increase in a positive "can-do" approach when feeling an uplifted mood. Many different essential oils support a balanced emotional/mental nervous system. 


You may have to get into a "habit" of grabbing your oils and using them more often. By making the accessible, they remain in your eyesight, they are readily available and you do not need to hunt for them. By placing them in areas that make sense to you they become part of the daily routine after some time. Keep those oils that you enjoy because that will help to reenforce the positive aspects of them and you'll be more inclined to use them more frequently. Research just a tadbit about you oils or ask someone who knows about them and find ones that compliment your goals. If you need to create a soothing space for your new habit, lavender, Peace & Calming, Stress Away, rose, ylang ylang are the types of oils you will want. If it's an active habit, peppermint, lemon, citrus fresh, black pepper, Awaken, En-R-Gee may be some options.

When using a certain scent, it may help you establish a trigger when forming the habit and beyond. It may assist in establishing a certain behavior that you want to become regular. If you enjoy it, it's even better. For instance, I use cedarwood for bedtime. I know that if I want to help myself prepare for sleep, I begin diffusing this about 30-45 minutes prior to bed in the area of the house that I am in. This has formed a couple of habitual behaviors. 1. I keep cedarwood on my nightstand next to the diffuse 2. cedarwood prompts my body to begin the unwinding process. Now I have been using this particular oil for about 4 years but I continue to do this type of behavior with other oils that I use for other good habits. I keep my Vitality Drops near my water bottles. This way I grab water and add my drops because it's accessible. I use frankincense, ylang ylang, and cedarwood on my skin. These are in the bathroom along with the orange oil that I use when brushing. The habits I am forming are continual by one of two things....knowing I haven't used that particular oil yet in my day OR the teeth brushing (etc) triggers my use of orange for my teeth. To me, this is a win-win!

So, it can take up to 254 days to form a habit, if you remain committed to it for the long haul. Everyone skips days, even when they are used to doing that work out every day or eating that salad for lunch, what we don't need is to feel bad about it. Pick up the next day and don't give up! Go grab your Motivation, Believe, Common Sense, Forgiveness, and Highest Potential because you have got this habit down in less than a year!! Happy 2021!!

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