I Spy ... Young Living Products under $25

Often times we are faced with the question of cost. I know many people that spend more on products than I do and yet I hear this often, "Why is it so expensive?". When you think about it in two basic ways:

  • More like bulk buying 
  • More items under $25 than you think

Bulk buying. This explanation was provided to me during a discussion pertaining to the repetitive nature of this question. I thoroughly enjoyed this because it made so much sense. When I tell people that "less is more" when it comes to Young Living products, I am not joking or just trying to get someone to buy the products. Take the Thieves household cleaner for instance. The bottle itself wholesale is $22.50, but when you break it down, you are saving so much money compared to purchasing multiple cleaning products from the big named stores. With the oils, I can use 1 drop compared to the 5+ drops of another brand, resulting in longer usage per bottle. 


Did you realize that there were so many products under $25? When it is listed like this, I was amazed by the amount. This isn't a company that is trying to make a greener lifestyle impossible. It is quite the opposite. Young Living is committed to making their products accessible to everyone. 


Before you discount Young Living as a viable option for all of your needs, consider these: Bulk buying decreases the need to purchase items more frequently because you need to use less. (For more ideas on how to stretch your items, contact me) Also, take a look at the gift list below for the many items that are under $25.


Treat yourself or someone else, on any budget! 




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