Points on the Paw - Places to Safely Put Oils for Your Pup

One of the biggest questions I hear when it comes to pets and essential oils is "How do I apply them". Our veterinarians have over 15 years of experience, each, they have training in herbs, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. What I can offer is my personal experiences from hands-on application and research. I can share what I have learned over the last 5 years and what I would do with my pups.

Just like humans, our pets have Vita Flex points on their paws. When compared to the general areas on our feet to the general areas of the paws, we can see similarities. As our feet are more exposed and the sections are more defined, with our pup's paws it is more subjective and about getting the oil onto the approximate area. It still follows the pathway of head to toe concept. Mind you that for a pup this is more compact and centralized. 

For me, I do apply to my feet as well as to the feet of my kids often. This comes in handy when the scent isn't a favorite but it's a beneficial oil to use for the moment. 

As dogs have an increased sense of smell, this is a good option because it isn't near their face or snout. If your pup is ticklish like my Old English Sheepdog, a quick swipe in the general area should be sufficient. Although you may want to do this several times. I use a coconut oil as it's support him in several ways. His skin and hair like the coconut oil and it helps to disperse the essential oil. You need to determine what is good for your pup though. Each breed and each individual pup are unique. This means that what can be used on one can possibly not work well for another. Gatsby (the Sheepdog) enjoys the Cedarwood that I use with him. My pit-mix, Ivory, much prefers Lavender. When using an essential oil and a carrier oil, make sure that there is no reaction before applying to large areas. A test patch is just as important on pets as it is for people. 

If your pup has an acute or chronic condition, always discuss with your veterinarian. There are many out there that are open to assisting you with safe usage of essential oils with your pets. Drs. Rykoff, Albright, and Hanover are perfect examples. As integrative vets, they use Young Living along with other modalities to support your pet's health. Do some research. Along with asking the veterinarians about this or that, I researched and learned. 

So, as you apply the essential oils to your pups paws, take note in the areas that have points to organs and other body areas. Don't worry if you aren't on the exact spot. The best part of essential oil application is that it absorbs and spreads easily, especially in a carrier oil. 


Find below reference pictures only. I strongly suggest researching and learning about what the essential oils can be supportive of and where on the Vita Flex points they best correspond with. 





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