Essential Oils - To Defend or Not To Defend

In the scheme of things, I am still fairly new to the essential oil movement. I became an avid user about two and a half years ago. There are people I know that have been using oils in their lives for over twenty years, I am both intimidated and exhilarated by this. Intimidating is the wealth of knowledge that they have about each oil, how it potentially affects someone/something and what each oil is comprised of. The exhilarating feeling comes from the fact that if I am ever in doubt, I have people that are there for me to share their experiences.

No matter if it's intimidation or excitement, I share a passion with them. This bond of passion keeps me on the path of learning, of experiencing, of venturing into the unknown (to me), and sharing with others. When I smile and say "Sharing IS Caring", I'm not just trying to be cute with a catch-phrase, I am being sincere. 

If you are interacting with me and think that it's some kind of ploy, then you don't know me well. I am not the type of person to lie or fabricate something to make it sound better than what it is. This just is NOT who I am fundamentally. When I share, it is rooted in passion. 

Some are receptive to my experiences and listen to what I say about the oils, about Young Living as a company. But when does having to defend the use of essential oils become too much? Well, there is only one answer: Never. 

Now you are probably asking yourself why is it never too much to deal with? Well, because if it something you believe in, something that you trust in, and something that you benefit in, why would it ever be too daunting to share? No, not every person that you talk to will be receptive. Not everyone will want to take the time to listen and learn. Often there will be people that are completely closed off about this, but then you take their cues and let it go. 

Let them make silly remarks, rude comments, or even show contempt for essential oils. I have seen it, heard it and even though I don't get it, what can I do? I cannot convince someone to try if they are not ready to receive the information. I cannot force someone to believe as I do. I will not carry with me their apprehension or skepticism. I know what I know and always enjoy learning more. This is what gets me through those harder moments. 

Defending a greener and more natural lifestyle is like trying to defend why you use Lysol (R) and use Tylenol (R) over Advil(R). The point is, it's personal preference. Simple. Lots of my friends don't use Young Living, but I still talk about it. Some even use other brands.... we are still friends. There are some even that do not subscribe to the benefits of essential oils. But I do and that is just fine. 

In the beginning, I tried so hard to defend my choice to incorporate Young Living into my household, but those that know me understand. They know that I didn't use lots of western medicines, they know that I am earthy and it is a concern of mine; the future for my children. So in all honesty, it wasn't that much of a stretch to begin this journey. 

So, as it stands today, I don't feel like I have to defend Young Living and why I think it's beneficial. I have learned that some people aren't being mean, they just don't either a. care or b. understand. My passion is the same and I am not going to change.

With that, I say stick with your passion and waste not energy trying to convince others, but in sharing what is important to you. Others that are open to it will ask more questions. Most importantly, ENJOY sharing no matter who is listening. :)


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