Are you like me or is it that I am more like you? I know that I hesitate. Often times I over analyze and if I don't think that it'll fit into my schedule, I may overlook it. Time passes and I come across it again, then WHAM! I find myself wanting to try, to learn, and understand that I should not have waited the first time. This is how Young Living was for me. 

This is my life: I have spent the better half of my life as a parent. My oldest is almost 23, I will soon be 44. I am a mom to six, stepmom to two with a grandson, and have a large fuzzy dog. I generally have two jobs and graduated college in 2011; my  fifth child was born in December of that same year with the addition of the sixth in 2014. In a nutshell, I shied away from many things that may have been a little extra work.

My friend brought up many times the usefulness, as well as the benefits of, essential oils over the course of about six years. We were talking one day and I brought up an issue that my oldest son was having and he suggested peppermint to me. He gave me a bottle, but after we went through it, I went to the health store and bought another bottle. Well, it just was not the same; not even close to the same. But I was still not ready.

Shortly thereafter, I had a change in my personal life and Young Living was presented to me again but to help my friend with a business aspect. Obviously I didn't say no, I needed it. This is truly where my journey started, six years after being presented with Young Living essential oils. It took a drastic life altering moment to prompt my forward movement. This is common and happens to most of us. We stay on a path where life is comfortable and/or predictable until one day it isn't. I know that this has happened to you. It happens to all of us. Some in our personal lives, some in work or social situations, but it happens to be a large driving force resulting in an alternative route. 

Young Living is such a positive portion of my life and that of my children, that I feel bad that I didn't take that first step many years ago. Maybe I just wasn't ready. The cosmos was waiting for this particular time in my life to open my mind, but no matter why it took so long for me to "come around", I am glad that I did. It has elicited a change that has ignited  a passion for a greener life, more awareness to my family's health, a different way of seeing maintenance, and excitement of feeling in control.

Please know that I do firmly believe that Western and holistic medicines can and should coexist. I do not subscribe to one being better than the other. I just appreciate the options that I now have in a health routine. I like the versatility that essential oils have as I can apply it to myself, my children, my dog, and can be used to promote mental and physical health.

I have found that the older that I get, the more aware I am of my surroundings, my options, and the need for me to help ensure that my children, their children, will have a better world to live in. I am only one person, but if I can show my children then I have become seven as they will follow my lead. If all actions have a cascade effect, then I am not stagnant in action nor am I complacent. I am an active participant in change for without one step forward, there is no movement at all.

My job is working with essential oils and other Young Living products. Supporting others who want to take a proactive approach to incorporating essential oils into their life is my passion. I go to events, I talk with people and I share experiences. I am a vessel for change. Are you ready to take that step or leap in a different direction? Has your time come to explore the world of essential oils? You haven't tried everything if you haven't tried essential oils.

Let me help you. Let me share with you. Let me be the platform for your exploration. All you have to do is take that first step and reach out. I will be waiting .... right here.