When a company like Young Living has continual growth, a strong, committed community, and authentic quality essential oils, there will always be scrutiny. This comes from within as well as from competitors. The way that Young Living has addressed each claim is with a moral character that has been the continuing foundation of the type of company Young Living is.

Thinking of morals, I relate it to loyalty, courage, honesty, empathy, and good actions. Not a single one of these traits can be removed from what type of business Young Living represents. The commitment to bettering the world, to manufacturing of the best possible products, to ensuring that any issues are dealt with properly, timely, and implementing new policies for the future, and not succumbing to the negativity that some try to throw at them.

Seed to Seal allows for Young Living to be there from start to finish. The process is overseen and given the commitment that represents the foundation that began so many years ago. So when a question of a products authenticity arises; mainly the essential oils; all hands on deck is the way it is handled. Thorough testing is done. Combing through the process of how the oil was made and breaking down each step as to pin point any variances. 

If there are any questions of quality, then it is immediately investigated, tested, and examined for any and all possible reasons why. This is how they run the growing business. If there is an issue, it is faced head-on. There is no "passing the buck" to someone else and there certainly are no blame games. As in the past and will continue on into the future, the pride in their moral character is steadfast. They want the best as much as you do. There is on deception as there is no need for it. Hiding is not the way professionals conduct themselves. It is not a company that I would stand behind. 

Good thing for us, Young Living is great all around! So be assured that if there is ever an issue they are on top of it to ensure that we have the best possible products to use. ENJOY!!