When was the last time you purged your medicine cabinet? By purging, I mean that all items are not out of date, that what you do use is stocked and the unused medication are disposed of. I try to do a massive check once a year and go through in sweeps a few times a year. With six kids, it is important that I do not encounter a situation that I need something and be out. BUT!! This is also an excellent opportunity to begin incorporating something different into your cabinet essential. What I mean is essential oils.

I am passionate about my children's health as well as my own, I believe that western medicine and holistic medicines can co-exist. Even before I delved into Young Living, medicines were only given when absolutely necessary. Normal fevers are actually good for you. You don't want to squash them. So, it wasn't too much of a leap for me to begin adding essential oils to keep us healthy. 

It all began with my starter kit. But, like all new things that assist with health, some reading and a learning curve were included in my medicine cabinet purge. Having a community of people that were long time users of oils helped me tons, I cannot even lie. Besides some very basic things, the fact that I work with integrative veterinarians didn't hurt either. They are a constant source of information and it's even better now that I have a dog to consider too. 

Anyway, as I was saying.... medicine cabinet purging. Did you know that aspirin was developed from willow bark? It is rich in salicylate. You can also find methyl salicylate in Wintergreen essential oil. Although Wintergreen is not suggested for anyone that has a history of seizures, but this is just one alternative. If you have a salicylate sensitivity, please do research before using anything. Always research, learn, and ask someone when introducing anything new. 

Bengay® contains menthol, methyl salicylate, and camphor. This product was introduced to American in 1898. It contains methyl salicylate but people do not think twice about using it. This happens but even something that we have used, seen or heard of all of our lives can be dangerous. This is why I stress research and understanding. I do use Wintergreen around my children because I am now comfortable doing so. Camphor, another ingredient in this common medicine cabinet item, can be also found in Rosemary, Sage, and Juniper. 

In a starter kit, which is what I began with, there are eleven essential oils. Wow can that small of a number be overwhelming. But I broke it down into systems and placed each oil into whatever system category that it helped with. This little list then evolved into a constant reference guide. It's about starting slow, referring to something that will help you and using the essential oils. 

My biggest issues was skin and respiratory issues. The amount of times I have a child skin a knee, run into something (with their head), getting a cut, getting bruises, and forehead contact with corners of walls while running is frightening. My go to oils are Lavender and Frankincense. For occasional headaches, we reach for Peppermint. For those infrequent stomach issues, Peppermint or DiGize are a common go-to. This simple list, with those overwhelming 11 essential oils, made using them easier and seem less daunting. I strongly suggest that you read on how to use your essential oils and their applications. Such as any citrus is photosensitive and you should not apply to areas of the skin and then go into the sun for any prolonged time. 

I have included the little list of the essential oils that began my journey. Now, not only do I enjoy learning about new oils, but I enjoy learning how others use them. It is my hope that you will too enjoy learning about essential oils, add them to your cleaned out cabinet, and add a holistic method to your current stash. ENJOY!!  


Promoting healthy systems with the PSK essential oils are:

Integumentary: Frankincense, Lavender and Purification

Musculoskeletal: Frankincense, Pan Away, Stress Away and Copaiba

Emotional/Mental: Frankincense, Lavender, Copaiba and Stress Away

Endocrine: Frankincense, Lavender, Stress Away, Thieves, Pan Away and Lemon

Respiratory: Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint, Thieves, Lemon, Purification and Stress Away

Digestive: Lavender, Peppermint, DiGize, Lemon, Copaiba and RC